A power that impacts us
by transforming our
minds and hearts. Art is
a powerful expression of
beauty passed from
artist to admirer. The
ability to transpire that
expression to another
needs to begin prior to
formal education.
Therefore, the end result or
product is not the goal. It is not the
reason for art. The reason for art is
to enjoy the creative journey, to
learn, experiment, discuss, touch,
smell, see and express.
As you walk through the classrooms,
please note the
WORKS of ART on the
walls. The walls demonstrate our
students in who they are, how they
think, what they know, and what they
are learning at the moment of creation.
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It's all the intangibles while
creating something tangible.  
In this way, process art is
concerned with the actual
DOING of art in which the end
result is then defined as a

Process is defined as "progress,
advance" or "something going on" by
Miriam Webster's Dictionary.  Art is a
form of human expression. Not only
does process art allow the child to
develop imagination and creativity, but
it facilitates confidence, security,
self-esteem, decision making, critical
thinking, problem solving, healthy
emotional expression, social
interaction, self control, pride, inherent
motivation, improvisation, rationale
and intentionality.
in its
purest form